Partner Program

partner program

Count the number of benefits you will reap once you become our partner – One thing we will always fail at!
There are many advantages in joining us as our partner

• Earn online

In this fast-moving digital world, none doesn’t want to earn money online.

We, at Traket, provides you with ample opportunities to make money online.

• Maximize your earnings

At the core, Traket is a logistics training services company. Our goal has always been to provide maximum advantages, in terms of monetary benefits and other services, to our partner drivers.

Traket offers the highest rates per km to its partner drivers in the market.

• Instant payouts

Consider the below scenario –

Monday: You deliver the shipment and complete your trip.

Tuesday: A message in your inbox reads ‘Your account has been credited with Rs. XXXXX’.

A good situation to be in?

Join us and we promise you will be receiving such good fortune messages frequently.

• You are your own boss!

Register, pick up the load you wish to deliver to a specific location as per your choice and earn big money in less time. Sounds good? This works even better with Traket!

The cherry on the cake: You will be never out of work, even in these challenging and unusual times of COVID-19. Traket can be used as a synonym for ‘Job security of our partners’.

Moreover, you get to choose your working schedule and designates your stops. How cool is working whenever you wish to!

• A bright future – in the company and the industry

The transportation, supply chain and logistics industries are ushering in a new golden era. Shipments and goods will always be required to shift from one point to another, and to comply for the same, you will always have a good career path at a stable, good company like ours.

• Constant support

We guarantee you our full and consistent support 24/7. You can always reach our trained and highly skilled professional workforce in case of any concerns, questions or issues.

Needless to mention, travel opportunities and employee benefits come hand-in-hand with the Traket partnership program.

There are free trucker apps that require you to register as a reseller. Then, there is Traket, the best platform to earn online, that require you to register as a partner. Which is better? Well, words speak – so focus on them and the picture will be crystal-clear.

Join Traket partner program and earn from home


Starting your own trucking business?

Become our partner as owning a trucking company in these challenging and difficult times is way too risky.

Want to know how? Follow the simple steps mentioned below 

Or Register as a partner directly

Step 1


The 1st step to register as a partner is the truck owners registration. Traket is a dedicated online platform for truck owners. You need to register to our app as a truck owner with the verified claims and documents assuring the same. Adding yourself as a vehicle owner on our app provides you with the leverage of adding vehicles and drivers with their respective authentic documents, which we will discuss broadly in the following steps.

Step 2


The next step in our to-be partnership is the truck registration online process.

You are required to enter details of n number of vehicles on our cargo truck app.

Note –

  1. All the details of each vehicle should be correct and properly stated with verified documentation. Also, there is no limit on the number of vehicles or trucks to be added in this section.
  2. Concerning specifically the vehicles, Traket has set some minimal standards for its partner vehicles and we expect the vehicles added in this section will match all the requirements mentioned.

Step 3


To put it utmost simply, Traket is an app for truck drivers.

Therefore, this cargo truck app will now prompt you to add the details of drivers.

Kindly note that the basic details of the driver should match that of the authorized documentation provided. Also, the drivers should comply with all the rules and regulations of the organization.

Step 4


This is the step where the major documentation work will take place. You will be required to enter the specific and accurate details of vehicle owners, vehicles and drivers.

You will be also allowed to cross-check your documentation any number of times.

Note – The documents submitted for the vehicle owners, vehicles and drivers should be –

  • In proper format.
  • Authorized, valid and verified at your end.
  • Meeting all the requirements mentioned in our partner form.

Step 5


And, we come to the final step of our partnership – ‘The Driver-Vehicle bond' we call it at Traket.

This final step will witness the pretty combination of vehicles and drivers. Each vehicle will be assigned its driver and off-the-road you go!

Note – Traket will run its thorough verification process at each step. Failing to meet the claims stated will result in the cancellation of your partnership bid.

After cross-examining everything, a load can be allotted to you on our app. Every minute valuable information ranging from your bill amount to the distance you need to cover with the details of the trip, as well as customer, will be available at a single click in our app.

Register to Become a Partner

Invest your interest, in our interest and earn your ambitions and dreams by joining us.


Don’t just take our word for it!

Thousands of professionals and business are already using our service. Hear what some of they are saying!
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As a leading logistics and transportation company in the business, we possess two mobile applications. The name of our primary app is ‘Traket – Transport Market'. It is our main app for truck suppliers as well as load providing companies.

Our second mobile app is known as ‘Traket – Driver’. As the name implies it focuses specifically on the vehicle drivers.
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