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Traket is a Supply chain, Transport, and logistics-based Indian Startup to revolutionize delivering excellent services to the customers

Full Truck Load


A single platform for all freight need

Whenever you require a cargo transportation and logistics company, whether you wish to hire a lorry transport service or truck delivery service, Traket is your one-stop solution for all your freight transport and freight logistics needs. We also offer online truck booking with following freight forwarding services:
• Full truck load or part truck load
• Road transport services
• Cargo transportation
• Lorry transport
• Shipping container transport
Our name tops the list of freight forwarding companies in the business as we provide every service possible in this domain.

Friends for importer,
exporter, and supplier

Traket is a goods transport company, truck transport company and logistics company that lay its ideal in the sole benefits of its partner importers, exporters and suppliers. Whether it is our full truckload shipping or road transport logistics, we ensure that our partners reap the maximum profit portion out of every deal. There are very few freight companies/freight carriers who work on the principle of ‘Partner's profit = Our profit' and we can proudly state that Traket is definitely one of a kind.

Over dimension specialist

We offer over dimensional transporter for cargo, container transport and enable handling for over height, over length, and large cargo by deploying a wide range of equipment including trailers and container transport. Traket provides specialized transport services in this segment.

Doorstep local service

Transport companies near me?
Goods transport services near me?
Transport services near me?
Road transport near me?
All Questions, 1 Solution – TRAKET. From small towns and remote areas to big metro cities, Traket provides its freight forwarding, transport and logistics services nationwide. We also assure you that the freight charges with us will be minimal. Looking for a truck delivery company nearby? All you need is to do an online truck transport booking and Traket will be there for you, wherever you demand us to be!

Light Cargo and budget-friendly

From full truckload freight rates, container freight cost, full truckload freight quote to domestic container shipping rates, Traket offers the best competitive available rates in the market. Our full load transport services are especially the cheapest in the market. Contact us for online truck booking services and goods transport services at minimal rates NOW.

Express Delivery

Traket offers super express freight services by various means such as road transport and cargo transportation services. Our express cargo transport ensures that your goods are delivered timely to the specified drop-off location.
If you demand a lorry service or delivery truck, your wish is our command and we will see that it is provided to you at the earliest. Traket will provide you with the express delivery of your goods at your doorstep, that too at the best market prices. This has enabled us to become India's No. 1 transportation and logistics company in a short stretch of time.


Our live, interactive statistics chart mention real-time number data of our customers, verified vehicle owners, total cargo delivered and vehicles on board. This real-time live statistics chart proves that we are the undisputed market leaders in the industry.

Our transport solutions, road freight logistics, and trucking logistics have no match in the business.


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As a leading logistics and transportation company in the business, we possess two mobile applications. The name of our primary app is ‘Traket – Transport Market'. It is our main app for truck suppliers as well as load providing companies.

Our second mobile app is known as ‘Traket – Driver’. As the name implies it focuses specifically on the vehicle drivers.
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